Friday, October 01, 2010

I didn't .....

.....any weight at my weigh in last fact I GAINED 200 lousy little grams. Wasn't too happy as I thought I'd had a great week. But on thinking about it I didn't walk every day, and with warmer weather happening this last week I don't think I drank enough water. Note to myself...I MUST INCREASE MY WATER INTAKE !!!

Shawn ... and Hannah....had to go to court today...DCP are applying to have their kids remaining in their custody for ANOTHER 2 years. Bloody hell...Shawn was gobsmacked and very upset, but so proud of him too as he didn't go looking for the drugs to dull the hurt like he usually does! He still does use them BUT happy to say nowhere near as much or as often as he used too. I would love him to quit them all together but what he has done is great. Anyways Shawn is going to legal aide on Monday and is going to apply for aide to help him with this DCP application.....Hannah already has a lawyer.

I have put up a few pictures of the wildflowers on our block....they are fantastic this year. A lot of orchids....more than we had in previous years.


  1. Hi :) gains are just losses looking to happen :) next week I'm sure we'll both have good solid losses.. (or maybe the week after? LOL)

    yeah, water is my problem too, hard to wrap my brain around more water encourages the body to let go of excess fluid hmmmm

    sorry about Shawn and Hannah, not good news :(

    The flowers look great :) ahhh summer is acoming :)


  2. Two years is an etnerinty in those little ones lives, I hope it doesn't happen. Wishing Shawn good luck.

    Hope you have a better week next week.

  3. The flowers in spring fill me with such hope. Life renewing itself and all that. I hope that Shawn finds a good legal aide representative and that the court has the sense and compassion to see how well he is doing now.