Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Shawn

A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shawn...a big 28 today. Hope he's had a great day...will catch up with him over the weekend. Some good news for him...he has a job and a car..wooohooooo! The car is only a $1000.00 bomb, but it goes well and is getting him from A to B. The job is at a retaining wall company...pleaseeeeeeeeee let him keep this job, pleaseeeeeeeee let him stay off the booze and weed coz thats what causes him to lose the jobs, his moods change drastically and then the abuse starts....pleaseeeeeee don't let it happen this time! He seems still to be happy with Shaz, so lets hope that continues. He really likes this job so pleaseeeeeeeeee let things stay good for him.

One bad thing about the job is that he is going to have trouble getting time off for court and the DCP case. He doesn't want to tell his boss about it all and he thinks he might just ring DCP and tell them about this job and his wants about the kids and see what they say.

Above for those that haven't seen on Facebook is the result of my pampering session at the hairdressers. I am happy with the result I think. Still tending to think the red is a bit too red...still needs to be lightened some....and I think I will get it a little shorter next time.

With me is Skye.....she spent Saturday shopping with me and then overnighted...I took her back on Sunday. Just loved having some one on one with her.

Work has been frantic....lots of staying back playing catch ups...hopefully they will get extra staff so we don't have to work so damn hard.

And to finish....weigh in was last night....I am one very happy girl....I LOST 1.5 KILO'S .... how good is that ???


  1. So very much hoping it will work for Shawn.

    Love your hair, gorgous photo of you and Skye:-) Well done on that loss!

  2. So lovely to hear that Shawn's life is still progressing well - fingers crossed he manages to keep it together. As I said on FB - love the hair and how good is it to spend some one on one time with Skye. 1.5kgs - bloody fantastic - well done you !!! Zxxx

  3. another whole lot of weight lost - am so impressed.
    Lot of blogger's babies turning 28 this year - must have been a good year.
    Hope everything continues to go well for you and yours.