Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why ...

Why am I having trouble in losing weight?
Why am I self sabotaging myself ?
Why am I not happy with me and my imagine in the mirror?
Why, when I struggle daily to do the "right thing" by myself do I stuff up ???

DD went down to Manjimup last night, they had burnouts on at the speedway. She had to be up at 4.20am to be at work by 5am and as I went to bed that was going through my head. She worked yesterday, then took off within an hour of being home to get there. Its and hour and half drive there and that back again late at night. I know she is a big girl but still I worry, she has been through so much of late.
So as I went to bed I stuffed my face and then took a handful of yummies with me and went into bed stuffing my face more!

Coz I worry/stress !
Coz I doubt myself.
 I know I have lost weight once before.
 I know I "only" have 10 kilo's to lose.
I know I have to get my head together and do it.... I have to figure out how

Tomorrow its my photo shoot that I won. Happy Birthday to me.
I have been so excited and looking forward to it, until I started to work out and trying on  what outfits I am going to wear. Half of what I wanted to wear doesn't fit, or just doesn't look right.
Just hope the stylist can work wonders.....
DD is coming with me....hubby is 2 workers down in his workshop and just can't get away.

Weigh in is Tuesday morning...maybe by then I can get my head around all these why's and start believing in me again.

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  1. Happy birthday jen. hope you're feeling a bit better.

    Have you tried low carbing. I'm doing it and its really working for me. it's taken away my cravings and I don't think of food all the time. just a thought.

    Hope the photo shoot went well. look forward to the photos.