Friday, March 25, 2011

Babysat Mathew

I am getting used to this time off work....missing the $'s but enjoying all this time to myself. Have caught up on so many chores that were pushed aside as I just didn't have time to do. Can't go anywhere too much as the big Ford which we use for long trips is awaiting a part to stop the gears unfortunately I can't go down and see mum...well I could but the little Ford runabout car I use for work is not the best to take mum out in. Hopefully the part will arrive before I go back to work and I can do a day trip.
I have been to the surgeon about my varicous veins, he sent me to have ultrasounds on my legs as he was quite concerned about some deep veins he found in my thighs. Had the ultrasounds on Tuesday and have black permanent markers dots all over my legs where apparently the veins are not working. Now I have to keep these dots marked till I see the surgeon on April 11th (or beforehand if a appointment becomes available!)
I had my little nearly 3 year grandson (Paul & Tanya's youngest) from 8.30 to 12 this morning. Isn't he just a real little charmer?
Weightloss is coming along real well...lost 1.2 this last week. Wasn't too sure how I would go being home and out of my planned work routine...but I am resisting all temptations and keeping myself busy. The online tracker (e-tools) I find is a real boost to me, makes tracking so much easier.


  1. I agree - Mathew is a little charmer. Enjoy the time of!

  2. He's gorgeous. Well done on the 1.2kg loss - I'm still faffing about! Yes will definitely be good to get your veins sorted out. Zxx

  3. Fancy having to draw on your legs yourself for so long... don't let the grandies see you doing it or they will all be drawing on their legs! lol
    You should change your name to 'Dotty'.
    Mathew is adorable.