Friday, February 08, 2013

Day off

'Cos my feet is killing me.....

Blackwood River

Coast at Augusta

Coastline near Augusta

Glouster Tower at Pemberton.

I have struggled since Monday with my feet, they have just been killing me....honestly my feet sometimes ache but ohhh not this much. I have been putting it down to having the 2 weeks off, wearing no shoes for most of that time, and of course I have been walking but mostly on sand.  Anyways yesterday the pain in my feet was killing me so I asked my supervisor for a releif for I could have today the weekend and Monday off before I went back to my usual 2 days a week.

Food wise I have been brilliant, I haven't weighed myself yet, but I have been happy with myself. Trying to keep a control of my portion sizes, using fruit as my snacks and exercising at least 5 days out of the 7 has been my goals.

I read this in my Weight Watchers magazine too.....
"Visualise you can succeed then keep taking baby steps"
and thats what I have been doing this week (even with feet that been killing me)

Above are a few more pictures of my holiday. Glouster Tree was my Dad's first lookout tower that he manned when he first started working for the Forestry in 1957. We used to live in a small hut at the bottom of the tree during the fire season in summer....and walk into Pemberton 5 days a week for school when we were kids. I loved it. We spent 6 summers in that hut. My mum was scared of heights and I learnt that at a very young age and consequently learnt to climb the tower before I was 2 and spend a lot of time up with my Dad.

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  1. Your photos bring back memories of our trip to that area. I beautiful part of Australis:-)

    Baby steps Jen - we can do it!