Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend already and no.....!!

My week has been bought to you by headaches, runny nose and coughs!
Could I PLEASE get some new sponsers...I am over these ones!!
I spent most of last weekend either in bed, or sitting here in my chair playing on here, or reading. I was feeling so yuk! As the week has gone on I have got better, thou I still have a headful of cold and a persistent cough.

I am still waiting to hear from the guy that came and did my last kitchen quote, was hoping to this week...will have to give him a ring on Monday if nothing heard. I really liked him, his idea's and hopefully his cost as I so want this new kitchen to be happening soon !

Kylee is ok, has her moments still. Has this weekend off and hopes to get a few more things packed up ready to move across. The house is yet to be put on the market...still waiting for Stephen to get that organised. The way things are going it looks as though she won't be here for awhile.

Mr troublesome one is having a birthday today....he is 29.
I thought with him losing his job and the mood he was in when he was out here with his kids a few weeks back that he might revert back to some of his old ways.....but so far he hasn't !!
Hubby and I bought him some tobacco & cigarettes for him as a birthday he hasn't been able to get his centerlink organised yet!

I have gone off the ww pro-points for the moment, and trying to just plan and track my food and NOT count points. So far it has been working....I am more relaxed, am eating well and the last 2 weighs in have shown a loss.
I also made a pledge NOT to eat chocolates or bikkies until the day we leave for the wedding....not ONE piece of chocolate OR a biscuit has passed my lips now for 16 days now...
I WILL fit into that dress for the wedding and wear it with a big smile on my face. I have only worn it once before ...and have not had the chance or been able to wear it since....


  1. Know how you feel - I havent felt this unwell in ages but slowly beginning to feel like my old self. You look so gorgeous in that photo - good to have something to aim for isnt it.
    Hope you are feeling better and everything keeps improving.

  2. Hope you feel better soon.

    Good work on no chocolate or biscuits - well done !!!!! And good work on the loss - keep it up and you'll have no trouble fitting into your dress.

    Take care !