Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tomorrow night....

I am back off to my little weight watchers meeting.
I just have to go....I NEED to hop on those scales in front of someone and have the number read out. It HAS to sink in that the number is getting TOO high....and despite the health problems I have been having I HAVE to get my eating under control.
I have been better than what I was....but I am still self-sabotaging myself by eating crap!!  I know that I am doing wrong...but I seem to think that I will get it under control and " a little bit won't hurt" !  But those little bits are getting bigger "little bits" !
 Right...its on with it again...I can't let my weight get away from me...I refuse to...I can do it, can't I?


  1. Yes you can and will do it my friend :)

  2. Of course you can!!

    I think we all just have to find what is going to work for us and keep on trying. Got to really when health issues can be an issue. Good luck Jen!

  3. Of course you can do it !!!!! I know exactly how you feel - I have been in that situation more times than I care to remember - you so can do this !!! We are all here for you.

    Have the best day tomorrow !