Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Slowly improving

Am slowly on the improve. Still have a appetite but with the help of lots of water and vitamins I am keeping it under control, well better than I was.
Blood results showed my hormones have hit rock bottom, vitamin levels are low as is my iodine levels....and thyroid doses need to be slightly increased.
Doctor says it is a combination of thyroid and menopause....and if I can get the hormone levels up, increase my dosage of oroxine and vitamins (espesially vitamin D) I will get back to normal.
It seems to be improving daily and it needs too...the scales have hit a number that is higher than it has been for 5 years.

Now on with the re-connection of our family with my neices and nephews.  
Above is my brother, Tasha, Tammi, mum and Thomas. They all met up at the Dome on Monday...unfortunately I had to work but my time will come again. I have connected with Tammi and her husband a few times but as yet I haven't met up with Tash or Tom.
I have started the scrapbook for them. Tammi took it at our last meet up and has said Tash & Tom love it. I have worked on a few more pages for them and I am enjoying it.

Its nearly bedtime for me. I have started working 5 days a week and I am in my first week of it...its tiring! I am used to just 2 days a week plus the odd shift here and there. 
I have 8 weeks of this...going to miss my days at home, but the extra $$'s are going to come in handy.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather... and have the dreaded weight issues... ME TOO!
    so glad things with your nieces and nephew are moving along so well too... must be so special to reconnect with them.

  2. How lovely having the family reunite again, so very special:-)

  3. So glad that your family is reuniting and everyone is happy with how it is going.
    I totally relate to you re the night sweats and menopause - I have been battling with those as well. Have been taking Wild Yam from the naturopath and it does seem to be helping me - they are not nearly as frequent as they used to be.
    Hope you are still enjoying the good weather. I was looking at the temps in Invercargil, Dunedin, C/church the other day and Invercargil was about -4 - what is it going to be like in August ????? Better make sure we pack another set of thermals !
    Have a great day and hang in there - it is hard to lose weight when you have health issues - just do the best that you can.
    Love, hugs and positive energy and wishes for a great weekend.

  4. So glad you can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Oh Jen, it seems you've had some hard times lately, or just tough memories to get through... be kind to yourself pretty lady, sometimes the scales are just a number that can be sorted out once your feat are back on level ground,
    hope things get sorted our for you soon