Saturday, March 13, 2010

Its getting closer.....

.....the wedding I mean...but my weight hasn't got any closer to my goal. I have really been trying but to no avail. It got so bad the other night I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop mirror where hubby and I were shopping for his suit for the wedding...and I ended up crying on his shoulder, and asking him if I looked as bad as I thought I did in that mirror. But I do know my lack of losing hasn't been throu over - indulgence thou I must say too I haven't been totaly on track. Some of my problem has been lack of sleep due to a constant tickle in my throat and constant coughing....very annoying. And I have also been so lethargic, tired and been fighting constant hunger. After a call to the community nurse she asked me to check my oroxine packet (thyroid tablets) and check the use by date....would you believe they were out of date?? Anyways all sorted now and I am slowing getting myself out of the real downer I was feeling.
All else is going well on the home front, no stress at all with Shawn....we invited him out home for a bbq on Friday night so hubby could meet Shaz, his new lady. Wellllllll we had the best night with Shawn, it was a very pleasant evening with him and his lady. We are so pleased that he is trying so hard to sort his life out. While he admits he hasn't given up the drugs and the alochol up all together he does say he has cut down and we can really notice it. The change in him is unbelievable....I feel I am getting my son back . And Shaz (Sharon) was lovely but terrified that we would condemn her for being in a relationship with him seeing as she is in her 40's, a mother of 4, one being a son who is only a year younger than Shawn (and she is also a granma). Believe us we don't care one iota...she dotes on Shawn, as he does her, she supports him in every way and obviously since they have been together has helped turn his life around. As my daughter says "go cougar"!!
Today I had a phone call and it was from Anne and Peter on their way from Perth heading south on their camping holiday. They took some time to call in and meet me and hubby and have a cuppa with us....I was so happy to meet them both, a delightful couple. Safe travelling Anne and Peter. Yes I did take some pics....I will put them up at a later date. Tonight I have put up a pic of Shawn and Shaz.....the happiest I have seen him in a long time.
Dear daughter flies in next Friday and then we will have a week to the wedding and to finish all the organising. It has come around so quick. Although I am disappointed I did not get myself together and get closer to my goal weight for it....I am happy that I will look good in my gorgeous wedding outfit. Went shopping today and bought myself some "granny" Trinny and Suzanne knickers that pull and tuck everything in so that has helped my self-esteem. I think hubby hit the nail on the head when he said to me I had put TOO much pressure on myself and thats why I didn't succeed....


  1. What a lovely post to read!
    Shawn and his girl look very happy... who gives a rats' arse she's older, as long as they are happy.
    I am sure you will look stunning no matter what you weigh mate.
    Can't wait to see photos of Anne and Peter over there! I know them both well.

  2. I am so happy that everything seems to be settling down in Shawn's life - I agree they do look relaxed and happy. Gotta get me some of them knickers LOL so I can look okay at wedding I am going to instead of lumpy as I feel now.
    Lucky you to be able to catch up with Anne and Peter in person. Looking forward to photos.
    Have I missed your birthday recently?
    Take care

  3. Just so great to met you in person:-) Don't stress about your size, you look fine to me! I felt like an elephant next to you!

    Pleased to hear about Shawn, looking forward to seeing some photos of the wedding:-)

  4. It all sounds good Jen! Glad things are going right for your family And Shawn.
    As for the wedding you'll look great in the gorgeous dress and hey I've got the trinny and susannah knickers in beige AND black and they are great! Comfortable and flattering (too hot to wear in summer for too long) and I feel confident wearing them!

  5. ohhh how lovely to read such a heartwarming post, fanbloodtastic to read that Shawn is getting back on track!

    Cant wait to see some wedding pics of you looking gorgeous with ur beautiful family xxx