Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kylee's wedding day

Kylee got married on Saturday.....
The day started early with hair and make-up ladies arriving early, Nat the hairdresser was here at 8am as Kylee's hair extensions had to be curled and fitted, 3 bridesmaids to be prettied up and of course me !!
We sat around on the patio drinking and eating as we were all tarted up...a great time was had by us all.
Kylee was as cool as a cucumber all day.....didn't have any nerves at all......can't say the same for me!! ohhhhhhhh thats right, she did have a moment of panic as just before we left for the wedding the sky got very overcast and a few spots of rain fell......but luckily no more rain was seen. I will post some more pics tomorrow.....but ohhhhh it was a lovely day.
The grandies, all 12 of them were great.....they did as we expected as went every which way...well the littler ones did. The little girls rose petals were thrown this way and that but not many landed on the red carpet. They certainly got the guests chuckling thats for sure.
The day flew by....but a fantastic time was had by all. A few little mishaps along the way, but all in all everything went smooothly. Ted had been on and off all week having migraines and he ended up with one later on in the night, we had to get my brother (who was mc for the night) to say a few words on his behalf when it came time to do his speech as the head was thumping too much to for him to say anything. He will HAVE to go and see someone, as I am quite worried about the frequency of them of late.
Shawn was so happy there, he was so proud of his sister, so happy to see his sister wed, and so proud to show his new lady love off...and of course so were his other 2 brothers. Speaking of Shawn, he did have court on the Friday before the wedding and yayyyyyy was accepted into the drug therapy program.
We have just had a phone call from Kylee and Stephen, they are safely in Bali, having flown there early this morning on their honeymoon, and having a wonderful time.
Okies....it is nite nite time for me, will post more pics tomorrow....


  1. Oh wow, what gorgeous photos, can't wait to see more...

    So glad the day went off so well and a great time had by all :)

    Also, congratulations to Shawn for getting accepted into the drug therapy program.. that's a fantastic step in the right direction for him and for all of you...

    Anne :)

  2. Great news all round! Pictures are lovely and you looked great too! (saw the fb photos)

    I have heard that Botox injections are very good for migranes. A friend has them in her forehead and apparently it relaxes all the muscles and nerves which cause the migrane. She has had success, so maybe it's something to ask about.

  3. Ohh Jen im so glad everything went well, Kylee makes a stunning bride, both her and hubby look so happy and content.

    Love the pic of Kylee and Ted, he looks proud as punch and see looks a picture of happiness.

    And you my dear look absolutly stunning and flawless xxx

    Fantastic news about Shawn too!!

  4. Wonderful photos of an obviously wonderful day and dont you all look stunning.
    Make him do something about the migraines sooner rather than later.

  5. What a gorgeous Mother of the Bride you are!
    And your daughter ... stunning! Her wedding dress is just gorgeous!