Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back again...

Last night we took Kylee and Stephen to the airport, they caught the red-eye flight back to Melbourne. I miss them already. They had a busy day today, they were seeing the builders of their house....they were hoping to move in while they were still on holidays but apparently all won't be ready for 3 more weeks yet. Very disappointing for them, it was meant to be ready in December.....but ahhh well they have waited this long. They living with Stephen's parents, thay were only meant to be there for 6 months but its been 9 months now......and from what I have heard it hasn't been easy !!!!!!

Today I went back onto weight watchers...I really need to rein myself in. I feel bloody awful and looking at myself in the mirror I am disgusted with myself. I will go to the meeting on Monday evening.

The wedding is over, Shawn is happy and content, only worry I really have is hubby and these damn headaches he is getting....wish he would hurry up and get to the doctor and find out what is going in. Ted says it is stemming from his neck, but I don't care...his Dad died of tumours on his brain and I am worried, the headaches have been getting worse and more frequent. I went to the doctors tonight, I just had to have a check up, need to have bloods taken on Saturday morning to see how all my hormone/thyroid levels are going.

Have posted a few more pics of the wedding....these the photographer took.....some absolutely awesome pics were taken....wish I could show you them all.


  1. Firstly stop beating yourself up. You looked gorgeous at the wedding. A beautiful mother of the bride. Secondly, all the planets are aligning - we can do this. Yes we can.

  2. that bride is huge