Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Shawn and the nearly 2 year old..Shayden

Monday night was weigh in night. I had had a good week, or so I thought, maybe not enough excersise during the week, but plenty on the weekend, stuck to my points but didn't drink enough water so I thought I'd do well. Nahhhhhhh I GAINED !!! Only .3 grams but none the less a gain. Was STUPID and come home and ate and drank....grrrrrrr a bad habit of mine I just have to change. Thats one challenge for me. Number 2 is keep on track without losing the plot for the rest of this week as number 3 challenge is to be back at goal or close to it anyways when we fly to Melbourne to see DD in August. I am going to do this!

Shayden and his 3 year old sister blowing out the candles

Shawn has had a few challenges given to him over the past weeks and I am proud to say he is taking them head on and meeting most of them! Thats not to say he is doing it easily, believe me he hasn't done it without slip-ups but he hasn't given in. Luckily his lady has stuck by him and Shawn is doing his best to overcome those demons of his.
On Saturday he had his access visit....his eldest son turns 2 this week.....so we had a birthday cake for him. Those kids are growing up so quickly...just wish they were all home and out of the darn situation they are in. Nothing more has been happening there...something has to soon surely...they were only taken into care for 2 years, that is up in a few months. Thats one of the reasons Shawn is trying his hardest to get his life on track.....coz if Hannah can't sort herself out Shawn wants to prove to them he can !! Ohhhh nearly forgot...him and his lady move into a rental this week....yep they have got themselves a house.
Anyways....off to do a bit more planning....a few challenges to meet this week...I want those "demon scales " to show a downward trend....
.......onwards and downwards.....


  1. It's lovely to hear Shawn is doing so well... I do so hope he gets his children back.

  2. Sounds like good news all round. I know how easy it is to lose the plot, I keep shooting myself in the foot too. You may find that you will have a good loss next week. Sometimes these things just happen. Keep strong.

  3. Jen im so proud of Shawn and im sure you are to, it sure is good to hear of someone overcomming the dreaded habbit and also its wonderful to hear of a man fighting so damn hard to get on track for his kiddies, it wouldve been so easy for him to give up and give in but he hasnt! xxx

    Im hearin ya on the demon scales. I do exactly the same thing if i have a bad weigh in, turn to food and rebel against all the hard work ive put in, its a tough habbit to break but im sure u can and will do it!!