Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day out

Had a lovely day today...I left home early this morning and travelled down to Manjimup and picked Mum up and went out visiting a few old haunts and then on for a lovely lunch.

Wandered around a old mill town we used to live in when I was a teenager reminenising and then Mum fed the kangaroo's and emu's. In the old deli while we had a coffee we found a old photo album and lo and behold found a picture of my late brother when he used to work there....that bought a few tears to the eyes. I really enjoyed the one on one hours with Mum today....going to make sure I do it again soon.

After dropping off Mum, I quickly visited my sister, then rang my brother and asked if he had 10 minutes spare and drove up and put flowers on Dad's grave with him before heading home after a most enjoyable day.
ohhh last night was weigh in night.....goodbye to 1 kilo.....onwards and downwards.....


  1. Yes our mums are certainly special and you're so right we need to spend time with them every chance we get - hence my trip later this year! Well done on the kilo off -you've found the groove!!

  2. Sounds a lovely day:-) Bet you loved that weigh in result!

  3. Great loss chick... and spending time with your Mum is lovely too.

  4. Sounds like such a lovely day. Well done on another kilo gone.

  5. what a lovely day u had with your mum... sometimes i wish i was closer to my mum, things always seem somewhat strained.. nevermind, something for me to work on :)

    Well done on the kg loss hun, fantastic job xxx