Friday, May 07, 2010

Mother's day....

Mother's day this weekend and I unfortunately I won't be seeing my mum. Tried to get a day off this week to travel down to Manjimup to see her but couldn't get the time off. We have been sooooo busy at work and I couldn't be spared....nice to know I am needed ehhhh? Thursday and today were frantic....long 11 hour days they were for me!! Monday looks like it will be the same.....but Tuesday I have been told I can have the day off and go see her. Mum was happy to hear that when I rang her tonight and told I wouldn't be down. Hopefully my brother and sister will be spending some time with her over the weekend.
At this stage I have Simon and Tracey travelling down with their clan of 4 so that'll be good. Paul and Tanya will no doubt pop in sometime too and who knows if I'll see Shawn. I spoke to him on the phone today...he and Shaz are still staying with friends but are now in Bunbury and not 30 minutes out of town...makes it easier for his appointments for his councelling/therapy. They still looking for a rental of their own....very hard to come by they are, but here's hoping they get lucky. Not sure how they are travelling....know Shawn is still drinking and using occassionaly and when he does he begins to doubt himself, hope he's strong enough to overcome these doubts as I know it puts pressure on their relationship.
Kylee and Stephen are moving into their own house today and tomorrow....excitement plus for them. All looks lovely from the pics I have seen.....can't wait to see it, we should be flying over in August then they should have a few days holiday due to spend time with us.
Then yeah after that visit its home and start saving $$$$'s for Tassie....yes Nola we will be touring...seeing as much as we I'll keep in contact.

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day chick, you deserve it.
    Oh how I wish I was going to Tassie too... Nola and Wanna are there and I would LOVE to see them!