Sunday, December 20, 2009

An early christmas

.....for Shawn and his kids.

It was a great visit, the kids, all 4....Skye, Jaydene, Shayden and Kaleb were dropped off just after 11am....and we were told we were on our own, NO supervision by a dcp carer...just us for a whole 5 hours....they weren't picked up till after 4 pm !!!

It was fantastic.....hubby and Shawn got on well, they talked and laughed together, it was good to see, I was so happy.

Tanya bought her 3 kids out for an hour or so so all the cousins could play together.....phewwwwwwwww 7 kids all wanting attention at the same was bedlam for a while. Ted's mum came out too, she had not seen Kaleb since he had been born 8 months ago. Jaydene loved her great-nanna and spent a lot of time chatting away to her and getting her to unwrap her candy canes!!

Saturday night we went out to Ted's work wind up, but we didn't end up staying there. Got there after 6pm (it was held out at the go-kart club) but it was still hot and humid...and the flies were horrendous!! Food was meat cooked up on a spit, but with the amount of flies hanging around we were worried about eating and competing with them, all of it was being catered outdoors....nahhh wasn't my idea of a pleasant meal. sStopped and spoke to a couple of Ted's work mates, but all they wanted to do was talk we just looked at one another and said home ehhhh....and went! We drove around Bunbury having a sight see...then came home and cooked a quick and easy dinner and had a few drinks and relaxed....

Today has been hot and humid too, haven't achieved much at all today. Finished off a little christmas shopping, caught up on a few phone calls.....then late this arvo my "jabberwalk" g/friend and her hubby came around and we sat out under the shade of our big red gum tree and had a few drinks and nibbles and exchanged chrissy gifts.

yeahhhhhhhh its been a great weekend.


  1. Great to hear - it was certainly time you had some fun and laughter. All the very best for Christmas and hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you. Zxx

  2. Thrilled you had a good weekend, and the visit with Shawn and the kids went well.

  3. I am constantly amazed at men. Ted came good didnt he? Must love you heaps. So glad everything seems to be travelling well at the moment. Have a great Christmas.

  4. Sounds like a great visit with the kids. Have a wonderful Christmas!!