Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One day at a time...

is how I am doing things at the moment.....its all I can do. I am really lost. Each day is a struggle to get throu, my job doesn't help, it is soooooooo boring and mundane and gives me too much time to think and that isn't helping. I hate the job, but love the people I work for and the freedom the fulltime/casual posistion I have there. Sometimes I wish I had left when I was going to last year....but I still there. I not qualified for much more anyways. Other than the fulltime guys that operate the machinery all the workers there are backpackers, mainly Korean, so I spend most of my day on my lonesome...guys are always out in the field, and the backpackers have very limited english. I wonder if it worth going to see my Dr....maybe I suffering some sort of depression.
Hubby and I are are over out "spat" .... things have gone on as thou nothing has happened, I haven't mentioned Shawn and nor has he. Will see what happens on Saturday when we have Shawn and the kids here, that will be interesting.....as after that visit we are meant to be going out to Ted's work christmas do.
Diet....mmmmmmmmm what diet??? Food seems to be my comfort at the moment. Just can't get it together and keep it together....think I might just wait till the christmas season is over and see if I can sort myself out then......


  1. thinking of you .. wish there was more I could say, but as inane as it sounds.. one day at a time is all we can do.. if that's too hard as sometimes it will be then 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins and so on.. focus on the here and now and be gentle to yourself..

  2. You do sound a bit down and if so I stronly advise talking to someone before you get further down. I know you have ongoing issues with Shawn - but try to count your blessings.

  3. I hope your weekend goes well, especially with Shawn and the kids.
    Diets.. yep this time of year is hard....hope we don't put on too much though!

  4. Hi Jen,

    I read your blog a lot but don't comment. You are to be admired for your love and understanding. You are a great Mum and grandmother, I hope Shawn gets himself sorted so he can enjoy his children. Your hubbys way of dealing with the situation is not your way, you must accept each others opinions and do what you think in your heart is right. Don't give up on either of them. I hope it improves soon.
    Jackie (NZ)
    PS: worry about the weight after xmas - I am, I lost 36kg 3 years ago and most has come back but determined 2010 is my year to get it off forever.