Monday, November 23, 2009


Birthday cake time....... The birthday girl.....

....sometimes I wonder about that troublesome son of mine. Today we had a meeting with DCP regarding the care of his kids, was good they organised the meeting and let us have some input.....but geeeeee the couple I had today were very uncompassionate, I found them very unfeeling. I thought after they told Shawn there was no way he'd ever get custody of his kids while he was still using/boozing that he would lose it, he usually does when we say things like that!! Thats a reason too there is a bit of tension between me and hubby (Ted), he won't have anything to do with him anymore and doesn't think I should be there for him as much as I am. Anyways Shawn took what they said well....and here's hoping he'll start thinking about those kids more than he does about himself.....he really is a selfish man! Actually he was quite good company today. I had the day off work for the DCP catching up on some much needed errands.

Weigh in tonight.....lost long last the scales are going down, slowly !! I have had a great week again....lots of walking, planning and tracking so hopefully another good week coming up.

Saturday I took Shawn down to Busselton for his access visit....a lovely couple of hours and it was great that we were there to help celebrate Skye's 6th birthday.


  1. Ya for a loss.
    All I can think of is "Poor wee kids" in all of this.
    If only your son did grow up and think of them first... it's never too late to change (I hope!).
    Shame it causes tension between you and your hubby.
    But I know how hard it is to turn your back on one of your own...

  2. Well done on the loss. Yes so hard to have to try and balance thoughts, love and emotion but the birthday party looked like lots of fun for everybody Z xx

  3. Great photos!! I agree with the others...very hard situation!! Myself and Ricky have "words" over his three grown-up kids all the time.....and causes tension!!

  4. Congrats on the great loss Jen! I hope the scales keep playing fair!

    I'm glad you had a nice time in Brusselton, but I'm sorry you have to deal with so much stress. It's good to hear he didn't lose it when he was told things so bluntly, maybe that is progress?

    big *hugs*, take care of yourself!
    Rae xx

  5. You are a very very good mother and I hope he appreciates you.
    Well done on the weight loss too.