Monday, November 02, 2009

Another good week

Have had a great real drama's.
Even managed to get into the hairdresser on Thursday evening and be pampered, had my hair coloured (foils) and have it trimmed. Hubby asked me if I wouldn't get it cut so short,,,,he likes it longer, so I did ask Erin to just trim it for me and I quite liked the result.

Had a phone call on Friday saying the headstone I had organised for my Dad had been erected, so on Saturday morning I went doen to Manjimup, gathered up my brother and sister and went and had a look. Quite a few tears were shed I can tell you, tears of relief, tears of sadness and tears of happiness too. Dad passed away in October 2001 but for many reasons we were unable to get a headstone up till now. My brother and sister told me what they wanted and what they didn't want and then left it all up to me to what a relief it looked as good as I hoped.

Shawn has been quite good this week, no major drama's. he had a hospital emergency visit, a sore the side of his knee became infected and his leg swelled up to 3 times it size, it was so red and hot and looked gross!!! Antibiotics seem to be healing it.

Weigh in tonight.....down 300 grams...thought it would be more, but what the heck, I'll take the 300, its onwards and downwards ehhhh?


  1. The headstone looks lovely:-)

    Pleased to hear about both Shawn and your loss.

  2. Hi Jen
    Long time since I visited your blog. So glad things are still going well with you.

    The headstone looks beautiful. I know the sadness as my dad passed away last year March.

    You go girl every 300g count..

    Good luck on your journey, will be popping in again.



  3. It is a gorgeous headstone and beautifully worded. Man are funny about the length of hair that is not their own arent they? Well done on the loss too.