Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beginning of my challenge...

Have a day off today.....so going to go looking for a pair of jeans just like those I am wearing above...loved those jeans, they made me feel good. I want to feel as good now as I did then....I working on it !!!
I weighed in last night and I was 2oograms up on what I weighed in at 2 weeks ago...but then I lost the plot for a week and although I have had a really great week this week obviously it wasn't enough. A little disappointing but heyyyyy I can deal with it. A good blogger friend is dealing with a hell of a lot more and my heart aches for you A
Not much else is happening in my little world....Shawn is still a pain in the backside. Took him down to Busselton on Saturday for his his access visit with his kids....they had a ball with him. Next weekend we are off down there again as Skye, his eldest, has her birthday and will be turning 6.
Been for a long walk this morning and hoping for another great week.


  1. Attagirl - you can do it - you know you can - you've done it before! Good luck Z xx

  2. They are lovely jeans! Hope you find more.

  3. Good luck with the jean hunt! and 0.2 is not bad at all, good on you for getting back on track, and I'm hoping next weeks weigh in is a lovely downwards number! And you are doing wonderfully with all these walks! :)