Sunday, April 05, 2009

Here we go again

Menopause is REALLY sux!!!! I am so over these hot flushes, they are driving me nuts!! Needless to say I lost the plot the other night in one of my nightly wanders trying to cool down and make myself tired again so I could sleep and once again raided the darn pantry!! I know I shouldn't have any goodies hidden in there but I do have a hubby with a sweet tooth and who has no weight problems and lots of grandies who know where to look for their treats....and any other time I am usually fine, having them in there doesn't bother me. Anyways I am now trying to get myself back on the darn wagon AGAIN. It seems to be a never ending circle of late but I guess I can say at least I am persistent. Matter of having to be coz I do have an awful fear of putting on all the weight on again and looking and feeling darn horrible! Anyways there will be NO weigh in tomorrow night, don't want to see the scales at all. Just want to see if I can sorta stabilise myself and get me on an even keel again...if this menopause shit will give me a break!

This weekend has been pretty full on with looking after grandies....first of all had Shawn out on Saturday arvo for his access visit. Since he and Hannah have been seeing one and another again he seems to have calmed down and actually even seems to have eased off on the drugs/alchohol and has stayed out of trouble. The avo against Shawn is being heard again this Tuesday, the magristrate agreed with Hannah but to keep DCP happy suggested she see her lawyer and get it changed to a variable order. Don't know how it is going to work, but anything is better than the way it is, espesially with Hannah due to have bubs #4 soon.

Then Saturday arvo Tanya bought Caitlin, Ashlee and mathew for an overnight stay so she and Paul could have a night out....ohhhhh it was great. Its been the first time they have stayed over as they live just a few k's down the road ... we all had a fantastic time.


  1. Hey hun!

    So sorry to read that menopause is giving you grief :(
    I went through a stage a few months back of having flushes - think it was the medication I was taking - and it was awful, so I really feel for you. I hope it passes soon for you.

    As for the wagon, and falling off - Ugh I was bad today, but I too have picked myself back up and promised myself tomorrow I WILL NOT make the same mistakes again.

    You look absolutely beautiful the way you are, so don't be too hard on yourself - just be strong and take it one step at a time..with me hehe, we're here and doing this together, I'm here to support you anytime you need it - just has you have been for me sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times before!

    Glad you had a great weekend with the kids and that things are starting to settle down for Shaun. Hope all goes well there.


  2. Menopause has a bit to answer for! Not fair.

    Fingers crossed for Shawn, Hannah and family!

    The photos are lovely!

  3. Know what you mean about the hot flushes - only consolation I have is that you cant see Im having one. Bloss reckons Ill still need the aircon on in the middle of winter!! Love the photos of the grandies - aint they just so special. And as they say fake it till you make it with the eating plan. Take care Z xx