Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yet again....

I am still suffering menopausal hot flushes, sleepless nights and over-eating!! I am so over it!! But with just 7 weeks till I fly out to Melbourne and my jeans getting very tight...decided enough was enough. It's time for me to stop the ''woe is me'' attitude and just do what has to be done and stop the whinging!! So today I got my ass into gear and got my tracker out and planned my day and ate what I should. And tonight as I wander the floor I WILL NOT raid the fridge or the pantry...
So Mel.....its you and me this week....lets see what we can do...
I weighed last night, am 5 kilo's over goal lets lee if I can get rid of most of it before I fly.....
Here I go again...keep me motivated peoples!!


  1. Hi Beautiful!
    You know I'm here with you - and YES, this week is our week.
    I'm aiming for 1.5 this week, so lets just knuckle down and concentrate, and we WILL do it.

    I wish there was something that could help with the menopause, it must be really hard, but you know you can do this, just think about how good you'll feel when you go to Melbourne feeling the way you want to feel!

    I'll be here, right behind you all the way.
    Lots of love xoxox

  2. Sheesh... and Easter is looming too! Good luck.

  3. Best of luck Jen! At least you are aware of what you are doing - so you are going into the Easter break with eyes wide open!

  4. You will be fine!! Done it once and all that:) I don't suffer from flushes because my hormones come in a packet these days:)

  5. Nothing like a bit of incentive to keep you focussed. Happy Easter Z xx