Monday, April 27, 2009

Been tagged...

Was tagged by Anne...

I have to list 5 things I am passionate about ....

1) My hubby.....he is my EVERYTHING!

2) My kids, my family, my friends, including my online friends too!

3) My grankids....all 12 of them, love 'em!

4) Saving towards my retirement.

5) Books....I love my books, nothing better than me time and a book! I could read all day!!

Now to tag 5....
1) Sandy

2) Ros

3) Mel

4) Nola

5) Suzy

.....and anyone else who comments on my blog

Also today ..... I have to HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear hubby.....

Today we have had Paul and Simon and their kids call in to say Happy Birthday Pop....Shawn has rang...and I guess Kylee will later on tonight.

Today has been the first day back on track! I walked this morning with my friend Deb, and have kept on track. It hasn't been easy, BUT I will do it! I haven't weighed myself and I am not going to till the week before I fly to Melbourne.


  1. Happy birthday to your man!!!

    I didn't realise that you lvoed books as well:-)


    Hope you all had a wonderful day together :)

  3. Happy birthday to the "Ol Boy"!! Wish I could fly over to Melbourne to meet up with you:( Why does everything have to cost money!!!
    Thanks for tagging me......not!!!!
    Chris did too. I will get to it after work tonight:)