Sunday, May 03, 2009


Ashlee Marie....

Phewwwww it has been a busy has been sooooooo busy! It is meant to be our quiet time, well usually at this time of the year it is, but for some reason this year it has been full on ! Could be that the boss is in the progress of up-grading all our machinery, has bought more land and planted heaps more crops??

The work keeps me on the straight and narrow with my food, working long hours and out of town what I pack in my esky is what I have for the day. So all week I was great till Friday night. For some reason I was hungry and gave in and ''sabotaged'' myself, and once I started I kept it up! Need a kick up the bum I do as I was bad all weekend, not totaly bad but bad enough to do damage! I had kids/grankids on and off all weekend, they sure keep me on my toes but like their ''treats'' and so Jenna indulged them and herself too!!! Anyways.....its back on the wagon again for me tomorrow. Sheeeeeeeez why can't I get it together lately, this last year I think I have done nothing but yoyo ???

Skye Nicole and Caitlin Rose

Shawn and Hannah are battling on, they had court on Friday as DCP want control of Kaleb like they have of the other 3. I really don't know what is going to happen between Shawn and Hannah, it is so hard on them both. On Saturday they were really struggling and arguing....but talking to them today they seemed okay. I hope it will work for them....BUT only they can make it happen.
Me and Kaleb

Shawn had his access visit as per usual here on Saturday, he had all 4 kids here and Skye asked me if she could stay here till she was allowed to go home to mummy.....awww that broke my heart. I told her I would ring and see if she could have a sleepover so I am going to ask DCP if I could have a weekend of her staying here with us.

Shawn and his 4

Today I had Simon and Tracey's 4 here while they went away for the day...phewwwww those 4 are real live wires, sure kept me on the go.
Zoe Elizabeth, Jessica Lucy, Thomas Shane and Sheymus William

All quiet on the home front now, time for some me time and re-group and get my shit together again. Looking at the calendar I have as of tomorrow 3 weeks to my next weigh in. Hubby recons I should just get myself back to the weekly weigh ins as I seem to do better that way....mmmmm maybe he is right!!


  1. Those grandkids are gorgeous:-)

    As a Nana it seems hard you have to ask DCP to have your own grand child for a sleep over.

  2. What delightful children! Hubby may be right - maybe a weekly weight in would put the fear of death in you when you think about cutting loose on a Friday night! Lol. Hope Skye gets to have her sleep over - surely they wouldn't deny her that. Take care Z xx

  3. From my experience, it is better to weigh in weekly, that way you are on top of things all the time. A month is too long... you can get seriously off track in that time.

  4. Hi Jen
    Beautiful grandchildren! Don't you just love them all! They are the best. Thanks for the comments on my blog - I appreciate them - just been a bit under the weather with the abscess on my tooth! Take care.

  5. Weekly weigh ins are definitely the best. For some reason it keeps you accountable. Your grandchildren are beautiful and they are extremely lucky to have you as their grandmother.