Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feeling better

Its been a very busy has been flat out as per usual and I am coping just!! I am lacking sleep, darn menopausal hot flushes are still persisting BUT at least this week I have resisted all urges to raid the pantry while I pace the floors and ''cool down'' !!
Had a phone call from mum thanking me for a great weekend, despite the odd crack from her about my weight I loved having her here too! Actually I must get my butt wriggling and start sending out invites for her 80th birthday. We are just going to have a get together/bbq at my sisters house AND we have organised a harley bike ride for her too. We asked her what she wanted and thats one thing she has always wanted to do,,,so my brother has organised it! My brother, sister and I are also putting in and buying her a big flat screen tv as well.....
Tonight I did a quick trip into town and took Shawn to the chemist, he had a tooth out today and needed some pain killers....and of course had no money! Mum is always handy for that ehhhh? Strange thou he always has enough for his drugs thou! Anyways he was looking forward to his visit on Saturday with the kids.....espesially as the eldest boy turns 1 on Thursday. Be nice if he is allowed to see him then ...Hannah has asked DCP if it can be organised for them.
I have had a great week back on track so far....hope fully I can keep it up for the next couple of weeks...its only 13 days till Melbourne!
A good friend of mine gave me a good kick up the bum and got me all motivated again....thanks Deb!


  1. It's nice to know you are feeling a bit better and looking forward to your trip. Bras... yep they certainly are like freinds... and don't we have so many special ones with blogger!

  2. Glad to hear your friend whipped you into gear!!!
    You sound heaps happier:)

  3. Hey Jen

    Glad to see you are happy again - I am totally with you on the "Mum thing" unbelievable some times. It is the "scapegoat syndrome". (oops Counselling hat off now)

    I think I had a "Deb" by the name of Vegie this week I am back on track with less points - this seemed to be be my problem.

    Where are you going to be in Melbourne when you are here ????

    A drink somewhere would be nice but understand if your dance card is booked - we(hubbie and i) will be travelling to Perth at the end of the year so would love to catch up with the Perth people then.

    I am away next weekend but after that back on board.

    My thoughts are with you babe

    Ros :-)

  4. You do sound happy:-)

    Hope Shawn got to see his son on Saturday.