Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mothers Day....

My darling Mum and me

Another busy weekend in this household.

My brother dropped mum off on Friday arvo on his way up to Perth to spend the weekend with me so she wasn't on her own for

Mothers day, he will pick her up on his way home tomorrow arvo. Took her shopping today and picked up some great bargains. Think I might have walked her just a bit too far as her feet have swollen up tonight. Mum is 80 on the 1st July and her age is only just starting to catch up with her. She still lives independently doing all her own work including all her own gardening.....but she is starting to realise she just can't do all she used too!!

Mum and I get on real well......but she must ALWAYS have a stab at me and my weight and build and how like my fathers side of the family I am. My dad's sisters are/were on the large side always battling their weight like me. Where as my mum, her mum, her sister, my sister are all naturally slim!
Mum's first question to me on Friday arvo when I walked in the door when I got home was geeeeeee Jen those jeans are getting a bit tight on you aren't they? I didn't think they were but yeahhhh I am still battling in getting myself ''reined in'' ! I am really struggling but ahhhh well I haven't given in and I won't!! No way am I going to let myself get .... dare I say it ... like "my Dad's side of the family".

Shawn had his access visit at home again today. He was in a great mood despite all that has gone on in the week, things haven't been the best with DCP, Shawn and Hannah. Anyways when the supervisor came with the kids she said to Shawn Kaleb has a cold and his carer would like you to keep him indoors today if you can. Well Shawn hit the roof, poor kids were in tears there for a few minutes scared I guess that he was going to throw one of his tanties.....but he didn't, he got himself under control. But geeeeeeeee DCP has got a lot to answer too, I am so over them. They say they are there to protect the kids but I am afraid I don't find it that me all they are concerned about isd the bloody paperwork. I am still waiting to hear back from them re the request I put in to have Skye for a much paperwork does that require?? ohhhhhh and would you believe we HAVE to get a DCP police clearance if we want her to sleepover!!!

Anyways tomorrow all have a great MOTHERS DAY.....


  1. Have a wonderful mothers day.
    Breathe deeply and remember you want these people to do things for you and extra honey doesnt hurt no matter what you are actualy thinking.

  2. Why oh why do MOther's do that? You look fabulous in your bloody jeans!
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day mate.

  3. Oh Jen I ha the exact same with my mother - she spent mothers day with my brother and his family and dropped in to my place on the way home (just for a few mins she teels me)and then all she could talk about was my brother who has chosen to be estranged with me. She just knows how to push the knife further. At one point I said to my hubbie "so how are you babe -are you well what did you do today?" she totally ignored us and continued on her rundown of her stay hour for hour at my brothers house - she then took her pressies and went home - OMG - I am sooooo over this.

    What is it about mothers that have to do that.


  4. That is a beautiful photo of you and your mum.....and I think you look HOT in your jeans:)

  5. Hi Jen
    It's great to have your mum for a visit. It's not nice when she criticize you, but at least you made the choice not to let it upset you.
    I think you did great with your weight loss, and sticking with it. Keep it up girl you're an inspiration to me.
    SA Girl

  6. Lovely to have your Mum with you - treasure the moment. It is so great the she is independant. Lovely photo.

  7. Very nice...i hope u enjoyed mothers day with her...she is still very beautiful..n even u!!!!

    i saw the decline in your weights...great ya u are really working hard on it i suppose...all the best!!