Tuesday, May 19, 2009


....hanging in there....

I am having some good days and some bad ones.
I am trying, really trying BUT seem to have lost all motivation again....just can't seem to run 2 or 3 good days together. Sweet tooth has really kicked in too, really craving sweets! Menopause is not helping, these darn hot flushes are driving me crazy. I have made a Drs appointment, just can't hack it anymore, hoping I can get some sort of help/advice from him AGAIN!

Shawn had the kids on Saturday, 3 very excited kids they were, they were so happy to see Daddy and all played together the whole 2 hours. I had the pleasure of looking after Kaleb althou Shawn did give him his bottle and change him....
Don't know if him and Hannah have Shayden yet on Thursday for his 1st birthday....hope they do. DCP are very slack in replying to phone calls...

On the countdown to Melbourne....only a week to go.....


  1. As long as you hanging then you are at least marking time and not doing any major damage!! So exciting about your Melbourne trip - looking forward to hearing all about it (and lots of pictures too!) Z xx

  2. Motivation is such a fickle thing, but the good thing is that as quickly as it can leave you - it can return! And usually when you least expect it..

    Have a wonderful time in Melbourne.

  3. Menopause is a particularly mean trick on us isnt it. Hope your dr can help and well done on hanging in there.
    Enjoy Melbourne.

  4. Hi Jen
    I just commented on 2 other sweet ladies blogs about this very same thing. It really is terrible... this sweet cravings.
    I think it has to do with the colder days. This is my first winter on WW and between the sweet cravings and the flue that I can't seem to get rid of sticking to a points allowance is very difficult.
    But hang in there girl, you have done so great till now. Keep on keeping on together all our girls can do it.
    Marnet (SA-Girl)

  5. Hi Jen
    I have been off the air so to speak for a little bit - new post today Saturday 23 May. Have a great time in Melbourne - it must be coming up soon. Hang in there - menopause is not good - thankfully, I am over it now! But I remember it well....