Monday, May 25, 2009

Didn't go to ....

.....the weight watchers meeting tonight like I said I would. Just couldn't !! I am so far over my goal and no-one to blame but myself.....and BLOODY menopause!! For the last month I have tried to find my motivation and get my act together but just can't string more than 2 or 3 good days together. The rest of the time I just lose ther plot....I have just been a eating machine, eat because I crave it, not want it, eating just because I can even thou I know I am going to have to work my butt off to get it back off!! I have just been so weak-willed.

I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow night...hopefully he will have a solution/answers to help me with these darn hot flushes....lack of sleep is not helping me thats for sure!

I fly to Melbourne on Wednesday evening.....suitcase full of clothes that fit...just!!! And my camera...sure there will be a pic or two to take.

I have told myself when I come back that I AM going to get my act together. On July 5th hubby and I are off on holidays for 6 weeks. 6 weeks of sitting in a 4x4 as we tour the NT and WA coastline.....and NO way am I going to be sitting in that there vechile feeling darn uncomfy. I want to be back where I should be, feeling like I used to be.....

So it will be back to ww again, going to the weekly meetings and weigh ins till I go on our trip......

I will finish up with a pic of Kaleb....hasn't he grown.Shawn had his access visit as per usual on Saturday. He was very moody leading up to the visit....but those 4 kids bring out the best in him. Unfortunately they didn't get to have Shayden for his 1st birthday so we had a little party for him with cakes and drinks. Despite all his faults one thing they cannot say about him is that he doesn't care for those kids.....he loves them so!


  1. hugs jen .... you'll get back into it when the time is right enjoy your 4wding

  2. Kaleb is gorgeous, I love babies at that stage.

    Will be interested to heard about your camping trip, something we've wanted to do.

    I'm in a similar place to you right now and can't quite snap out of it:-(

  3. Have a wonderful time in Melbourne and I will be interested to see the photos. Nothing beats a good time with good friends.

  4. You will come right and things will slip back into place with how you feel. I will be interested to hear about your trip as well. I would love to do something like that...