Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm back...

Me at the hen's night doing my dare!! I had to straddle a chair, make it buck and shout out yea haaaa!!!! Not a worry!!
The drink at The Crown !! We all had one...phewwwwwww...thou didn't manage to drink it all....

Me at the makeover with friend Georgie

Off to the makeover with Kylee

The Eagle mascot ...

It was a full on 4 days....but we achieved all that had to be done. We found THE wedding is absolutely gorgeous and Kylee's dream dress...and the bridesmaid dresses. Wish I could show you the pics....but I can't !!

The footy was great...and yeaaa I did fit into the clothes....but only just. The Eagles didn't play too crash hot, the umpires were sux...but the atmosphere at the stadium was awesome!

Onto the hens night and that marvellous....thank you to Kylee's sister in law to be Renee. The evening began with a session of makeovers, manicures and martini's at the Long Room and then onto Cookie (a Thai Restaraunt) for dinner and games. From there it was onto The Crown for a little drink and a spot of gambling.

A lot of walking, walked all through the Victoria Markets, up and down streets, all throu the area that Kylee is going to build....but way too much eating a lot of crap food. But today I am back on track....and after reading what the scales said today I WILL stay there till I go away on the 5th July !!!

Sorry...blogger would not allow me to put pics where they should be, darn it!!


  1. It looks like a great time was had by all :) That drink is ENORMOUS!!! And very, very green LOL..

    Glad you made it back safely.

  2. Lol...looks like you had a fabulous time!! You look great!!!