Friday, June 05, 2009

Am going well...

So far since coming back from Melbourne all has been going well. When I hopped on the scales and saw THOSE horrible numbers come up I have been really committed to losing these extra kilo's. I do not want to feel like crap as hubby and I travel around on our holiday. Couldn't think of anything worse than being uncomfy for all those kilometres. I want to be able to climb in and out of the 4x4 with ease, sit without getting cramps..... and I so want to be comfy and wear my shorts and bathers when we get into the Northern Territory and enjoy the warmer weather.
Anyways since Monday I have eaten well within my points, have excersised everyday except today....but this weekend I have 2 long walks planned. And Monday night I am back to my weight watchers meeting and I will go every week till we leave on our holiday on the 4th I have 4 meetings to attend AND hopefully lose at least 5 kilo's. Will be trying anyways....thou I need to lose a bit more than that to get back within my goal. The last month or so with all the menopausal crap I have been going through and all the dilly-dallying I have been doing PLUS all the Shawn stress I have gained big clothes tell me that!! Will let you know Monday what the weigh watchers scales say....mine I don't think are too reliable at the moment, think the battery is on the way out.
Ohhh and speaking of menopause....I am trying a herbal tablet AND fingers crossed since taking them I have had 3 great nights sleep with NO hot flushes.....please let it continue!!
The weekend before we leave on hols we have my mum's 80th birthday party. Invites have been sent out to close friends and extended family. Mum keeps on saying don't want to see this one, don't want to see that one...they never visit me....she has been a real grump. Think it might be because she has just had a medical and some test results needed following up with more tests. I know mum is scared that her cancer (she had colon and liver cancers) are one follow up test is because of a high liver reading. Hope not....but as I said to her, we'll cross any bridges we need to cross after blood tests and ultrasounds have been done and all results are in. All crossed here!
Tomorrow I have no visit with Shawn and kids.....I am going to miss them so much. Shawn now goes down to Busselton to visit them....all of them are now down there in care....and in 2 separate places. This way there is no travelling for the kids now.....was hard on them I know. And also are now closer together and get to see each other more than what they were.
Ted and I have refused to go into DCP and have police clearances done with them ....just on principle. We are the grandparents, have had DCP here supervising all the access visits, been approved by them to have the kids stay here before....AND now they say we need to fill out papers to have those kids stay overnight!! Not doing it... BUT we are applying for OUR access visits, those kids need us as much as we need them....they must be wondering what the heck is going on, must be all so confusing for them, poor loves.


  1. I am sure you can lose 5 kilos before your holiday!
    What herbal tablet are you taking? I'm not allowed to take ANYTHING until I get clearance from the Hospital. bugger.

  2. Great goals Jen - I'm sure you will do it!