Monday, June 15, 2009

One week down

One week down and 2 more weigh in's to go before we leave on our trip. Have had a great week. At last weeks's meeting I bought the new calculater and I have been tracking my points on that (plus checking out the point values of a few things)....and yayyyyyyy I had a whole week of sticking to points. Excersise hasn't been as good as it usually is....wet and cold weather has kept me indoors for some of the week BUT I have dragged out a few dvd's to do for this week, just in case as rain is forecasted again.

Anyways weigh in....lost happy with that. Still have over 4 kilo's to get to within the 2 kilo's of goal.....but not too worried about that, just to be losing again and feeling good about me is what I am happy about.

Nothing much else is happening, still no changes with Shawn and Hannah.....they still haven't got the kids back. I don't know what progress has been made there, if any, I have taken a few steps back from them and letting them deal with their problems themselves, trying not to take on too much of their stress as well. They know where I am if they need me....they know that.

I have written to DCP thou and requested access visits for hubby and I for when we get back from granparents we are entitled , now the kids are down in Busselton and Shawn has his access visits down there we don't see the kids anymore....we miss them.


  1. Good on you for writing and organising visits with the kids....I hope it goes OK. We really miss Ricky's son's two little ones. His partner moved to Sydney when they broke we never see them....sad.
    Your weight loss seems to be going really well...good work!! :)

  2. Good loss mate.
    I hope you do get access to the grandkids soon too.

  3. so sad and hard for you with not seeing those little ones. Hope it sorts out soon.