Monday, June 08, 2009

Weighed in

Weighed in 7 kilo's over goal...or 5 kilo's if I take off the 2 kilo's we are allowed over. Soooooo my goal to myself is in 4 weeks....which is what I have before we take off on to lose 5 kilo's.
I have sabotaged myself tonight....stupid me. Today was so busy at work that I ate on the run and by the time the work day was over and I had weighed in I was starving and just over-ate!! Luckily I realised what I was doing before I really over did maybe the damage won't be bad!
Here's hoping for a great week...go Jen !


  1. Go Jen! Facing up to that number on the scales is the first step to fixing it!

  2. Well, you recognised the bad habits creeping in straight away and rectified them straight GO YOU!!! You can do this....easy peasy.

  3. you can do it sweets, 5kg in 4 weeks is a great goal and can be done xxx