Monday, June 22, 2009

Scales going down.....

.....slowly !!

Went to weight watchers meeting tonight and scales are down by 800grams. I have had another great week, its been so cold that soup has been on the menu quite a bit so I guess that has helped. Excersise is still down to what it usually is but this week was better than last week. Ahhhhh well will see what next week last weigh in before take off!

Saturday we are off down to Manjimup for mum's 80th birthday party. Not going to stay down there overnight as on Sunday we want to do some final packing up and some last minute chores around here as we take off on hols on Friday 3rd July, so next weekend will be our last one home before we go. Mum is getting excited about the thats great.

Shawn and Hannah are still visiting the kids and have heard nothing yet as to when/if they will get the kids back. The kids have been moved AGAIN, and are all separarated from each other. They took them down to Busselton so they could be together more...yeahhhh that didn't last long did it! Luckily they do see one another regularly.


  1. Surely the officials could do better than they are doing with those kiddies. They should be together and not being moved a lot, sounds really unsettling.

    Well done on the loss:-)

  2. Yaaa for the scales going down. I hope your Mum has an amazing birthday, 80 is a great age!
    And what the hell is wrong with the authorities over there, splitting up kids and not letting their parents have them back???

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