Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mathew

Yesterday was Mathew's 1st you think he had fun? They had a little party down the local park. Shawn had his access visit with his 3 little ones so they were able to join in the fun for an hour which I think they enjoyed. So I managed to catch up with all my grandies except for Luke the eldest one....was wonderful.

I have also had my mum up for the weekend and she was able to meet her newest great-granchild and have a cuddle. My mum might be nearly 80 but I can tell you I have to run to keep up with her when you go shopping...phewwwwwwww.

Think with all that has been happening this weekend I have managed to stay in control of my eating. Been hard has Shawn has been a little difficult, he has had a little trouble with Hannah's family.....but think managed to keep him calm, thou that was after about a dozen phone calls from him !!


  1. I am sure he did have fun - beautiful blue face! It's wonderful to have all the grand kids together - doesn't happen for me much - as I have 3 of my children in Sydney and we are in the Riverina!

    Lovely photo of the 3 generations.


  2. Great photo for the 21st and lots of Smurf jokes. Also wonderful one of your Mum, you and newest arrival.

  3. Griffin did a double take at the blue icing! lol
    Lovely photos... hope things settle down with your son (again!)

  4. Hi Jen!

    Happy Birthday to little Matthew :)

    I bet you had a lovely day!!

    So Congrats again (I know I already said it on FB but still), what a beautiful little bubby!!

    You are so lucky! It seems like there are always bubs being born in your family - so lots of things to celebrate for you :)
    How amazing!!

    Your mum is gorgeous - how wonderful that you got to spend some time all together!!

    Go girl - you rock with eating bout you come here and kick me in the bum...I've been so bad :(

    Have missed you this weekend - I haven't been online much at all