Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

To my grandaughter Cailtlin Rose.....she turned 7 today....

Hope you had a fantastic day.

I went down to see Caity and give her her present this evening, only managed to spend 10 minutes there as they had been to Mcdonalds for dinner and were just having cake before bed.....

Had a great week this week...stuck to my ww's plan and wooohoooo the scales showed it tonight...I lost 2 kilo's !!!! Now bring on next week. Relaxed a bit tonight and had a takeaway for dinner but tomorrow it is back to the journal and my tracking....my goal of being at goal for my Melbourne trip is looking good at this stage. Next week I will go to my ww meeting for a weigh in, being a lifer I have to weigh in monthly, or pay! More than likely will have to pay anyways ... if I 2 kilo's over goal and thats on the cards, can't expect another loss like this week. I have to go next week as the following Monday is the Anzac day holiday....so fingers crossed for another great week. I am totally focused....


    Jen that is absolutely fantastic!!
    You ROCK Hun!!
    I couldn't wait to see how you went tonight, I knew you'd worked so hard this week, and you 100% deserve this fabulous result.
    Awww I'm soooooo proud of you...no wonder you're an inspiration to me, you're not far off goal yet you still manage to pull fantastic figures...

    Congratulations, you've done a great job...

    I hope you had a nice (even though short) time with your beautiful girl...

    You've made me smile now - you go girl!!!
    Lotsa love xoxoxo

  2. Whoa what a loss. Congrats Jen that's fantastic.

    You've got some beautiful grandchildren Jen. What a gorgeous smile she has.