Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things are improving.....

Today Shawn had his access visit with the kids...including Kaleb. He was told he was having all 4 kids, once again DCP stuffed up and only 3 turned up....Jaydene had gone away for the long weekend with her carers. That to me is sux...why couldn't they go away after the visit or work something out and change the times, day or something so Shawn could see her!

Anyways DCP has also done a backflip with Shawn and Hannah and has told them they CAN now be together as long as Hannah drops the vro. Hullooooooooo they told her only last week that they COULDN'T do that, even when they took Kaleb on Wednesday they couldn't be together because the vro had to stay in place. What are they playing at now I wonder? They have another meeting with DCP on Tuesday and we will have to see what can be resolved. And according to DCP if they continue to keep the house clean and resolve all the issues between them they COULD have the 2 little ones back in a month or so. I hope so.....they need to be a family again.
PS ... The vro is a violence restraining order that DCP (Dept of Child Protection) made Hannah take out on Shawn when they separated...due to Shawn's temper/moods. Hannah did not want to do that, as it meant that he could not have have any contact (by phone or text either) for 2 YEARS, but they pursuaded her to do it!
Shawn needs his family but he also needs professional help, drugs (cannabis) are the issue with him.


  1. Hi Jen

    Sounds promising:-)

    Can you explain to this Kiwi what a VRO is? Also I gather DCP is some kind of social dept. but also what does it stand for.

    It does suck they mucked up and only three kids turned up, both for Shawn and the kids.

  2. ohhhh sorry Anne...vro is violence restraining order..and DCP is Dept of child protection.

  3. Sounds like to me like they are getting very mixed messages from DCP - sounds like CES here in Vic - everyone differnt perosn you talk to, you get a different message. maybe that could get something in writing from these people so they have soemthing to come back on. I know that would be hard but this toing and frowing is impossible for the whole family.

    I know these govt. depts can be very very hard to deal with let alone frustrating.

    Isn't the baby just gorgeous awwwwwww.

    I am so sorry your family is going through this Jen, sounds like things are staring to untangle some.

    Ros :-)

  4. sorry about the typing - I just got out of bed LOL.

  5. I feel so frustrated for you!! I see this nearly everyday here in the court I work at.....Family Violence Day is what our Family court day is called!!! How stupid is that? An FVO is a Family Violence Order.....but half of them don't even involve violence but make it sound soooooo bad!! And don't even get me started on the Dept of Child Protection!! I KNOW they are there to do a job....but sometimes the children's needs seem to get swamped in all the paperwork bullshit!!!
    That is a beautiful photo of you and the baby and I hope things sort themselves out soon:)

  6. Firstly, can I tell you what an incredible mother you are.
    Secondly sometimes bureaucracy goes mad but hopefully their heart is in the right place.
    We are all thinking of you and yours.

  7. Hi Jen,

    God Kaleb is beautiful...I really love that pic - it says it all.
    The love really shines through.

    You're a beautiful caring person Jen. Shawn and Hannah (and the kids) are so lucky to have you xoxo