Friday, April 10, 2009

Memory lane

Today is the 30th anniversary of my brothers death, he was just 27 when he was killed in a freak accident at work. It was his daughters 3rd birthday and the day before his partner had told him he was to be father to twins, a little boy and girl were born 2 1/2 months later. His little boy Stephen was 5 when he was killed and even today I don't think he ever got over it..........

Tom and I were the middle kids and even thou he was 5 years older than me we spent a lot of time together. Actually there is a lot of Tom in my Shawn, getting into trouble very easy for the pair of them! They say there is one in every family ehhhh? Tom was my mum's, maybe thats why she and Shawn are very close.

Our childhood wasn't easy but the 4 of us were all close (despite having 10 years between the youngest and eldest) and Rod, sis and I still are, thou we don't see one and another as often as we would like.

Anyways today just sitting here taking a lovely little walk down memory lane.


  1. Lovely post Jen. Memories are so precious.

  2. Oh Jen,
    That is so beautiful, thinking of you today.
    What an amazing story about your brother, it really makes it real how quickly life can end :(
    I'm so sorry your family had to deal with Tom's loss at such a young age.
    And how sad for his children and wife...
    He was the age I am now, and I can't imagine leaving this world now, leaving behind my beautiful little girl.
    My thoughts are with all of your family today - and do you know what?
    The first time I saw the pic of you and Tom together, the first person who entered my mind was Shawn. I thought they looked a LOT alike in the facial features.
    That must be nice for you, having someone so close to you who resembles your lovely brother so strongly.

    Hope you're coping okay today xoxoxo

  3. Wow, I also lost my big brother when he was 27.... and he has been gone 25 years now. I also lost my younger brother when he was 36, gone 10 years now. Life can be mean sometimes eh mate? At least we have happy memories.... they can never go away.

  4. And I also lost a brother - he was 19 - that was 32 years ago. But Im fortunate to still have a wonderful brother and sister. Happy Easter Z xx

  5. Yes, I am lucky to have so many memories of him...and also to have my other brother and sister to help keep those memories alive.
    Life sure can be mean at times, hubby has lost 2 brothers and a daughter.
    Today has been a good walk down memory lane, it was sad thinking of what might/could have been, and wishing we had more to do with his family but mainly it has been all happy.
    And your're right Mel, Shawn is named for Tom, he is Shawn Thomas....and there is a lot of Tom in him, looks and mannerisms too! He sure keeps those memories happening.