Monday, March 02, 2009

Done it again....

Don't know why I do it BUT I seem to do it all the time. I get to goal, or very close to it and I lose the plot and turn into a real little "oink" and eat everything in sight!!! Hasn't helped that I have had dear daughter (and her fiancee) home for her best friends wedding....Kylee was maid of honor and I was so proud of her, she was Jess's tower of strength from the time she landed here in WA and on the day she looked absolutely stunning, as of course did the bride.

In between all her bridesmaid duties her and Stephen have been able to organise a lot of plans and make bookings for their own wedding next year.

And while Kylee has been with Jess, Stephen and I managed to go out and buy me a new desktop computer.....mmmmm thankfully he was able to set it all up for me too and transfer all my files and folders that I needed over too....ahhhhh he is the best!!

On the Shawn and Hannah front, things aren't too good. They got reported to DCP for seeing one another and on Friday Hannah had the kids taken off her and put into foster care....we will find out on Tuesday if or when Hannah will get them back.
Anyways I take Kylee and Stephen up to the airport tonight, so things here can go back to normal, and hopefully I can rein my piggy self back in and get back to eating healthily and sensibly again and get back into the excersise too, I have only walked once in the last 4 days...SLACK ehhh? It being a public holiday today I have no weigh in so I have a week to get back to where I was...!!!!!


  1. Lovely picture of you and Kylee! Poor Hannah - guess she just keeps trying and thinking things might be different. Z xx

  2. Loved seeing the photos:-)

    I'm similar to you. I knuckled down to lose a bit for the wedding we had in the weekend - and then blew it today!! What makes us do that!

    Oh - hope those little kids don't end up in foster care.

  3. What gorgeous photos... looks like you had a lovely day.

  4. ohh Jen, Kylee looked beautiful, love the pic of you 2 together!! lovely!!!


  5. Have caught up with you finally. Happy birthday, congratulations on becoming a 60's girl again, lovely photos, gorgeous grandkids, sorry for Hannah, hopefully the kids wont be gone too long, hope I havent forgotten anything. Take care.