Sunday, March 15, 2009


.....has been a busy one so far.

We had some friends sail into Bunbury on Saturday on this cruise ship....

My hubby is a amateur radio operator and talks the world over on his radio...and had been talking to Will in Americia for a few years now. When Will and his wife Eileen said they were coming out to Australia and were going on this cruise they asked us and our friends and near by neighbours Neville (he is a radio operator too) and Margie if we would like to catch up with them when they docked in Bunbury for the day. We gladly said yes, and on Saturday we all went in to meet them off the ship.....then drove around to show them a few sights of Bunbury and surrounding areas before we had lunch at Neville and Margies. Margie made a beautiful pavlova for them to try, it being one of our traditional Aussie desserts....mmmmmmmm very yummy it was too.

Their stop in Bunbury was only from 8am to 3pm but we really enjoyed the visit.

After we dropped Wes and Eileen off at the wharf, we came home as we had a cousin and his wife visiting....I hadn't seen my cousin in years and had never met his wife. I found Helen on Facebook and arranged the meet up so we could have a catch up.
Shawn dropped in too.....darn DCP changed his access visit and he had it between 1 and 3pm but because I was busy with our americian friends he couldn't have them he had to go down to the local park. Pretty pissed off about that I was, was so looking forward to catching up with the kids today!!! Anyways Shawn said he had a great couple of hours with them and next week the visit will be here on the Saturday. They better not change that one!!
I am feeling a lot better within myself today, the aches are slowly going, and tomorrow hopefully I can get my ass into gear and go walking again. I am missing it and the healthy eating....have really lost the plot this last week feeling like I have. ahhhhh well onwards I guess!!


  1. Its so wonderful to catch up with people you know online, One of these days we might manage it too! Z xx

  2. Lovely to catch up and meet people like that.

    LOL are you sure the pavolova is a typical Aussie dessert - thought it was a kiwi one....

  3. Actually Anne, not real sure whether it is Oz or NZ....but it is darn yummy !!!!

  4. I am constantly amazed at how small our world really is.. Imagine meeting someone you met over the radio, or internet, and here - we are now doing it all the time.

    Sounds like a fun time was had with all, and you can now get back to your walking and look forward to next weekend with your Grandkids :)

  5. Well that was a full on day!! It is so exciting meeting people in "real life"