Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Just a bit to go…..

And I will reach my 10%….
Weigh in today and with a loss of 700g I was delighted to see I am 200g from my 10%…its an awesome feeling.
 So this week with some patience, some planning, 100% tracking and some exercise I will face those "demon" scales next Tuesday confident that I have lost the 200g and made that 10%

Now these 3 are Caitlyn, Ashlee and Matthew all ready to go trick and treating. These are Paul's 3 munchkins and aren't they are growing up so darn quickly.  They live just down the road about 3 k's away and I think I see more of William who lives 1700k's ago than I do of them, I had to pinch these pics of Facebook.  No major conflict with us…sometimes life just get to darn busy for us all I think. 


  1. Well done on your loss - good work !!!! I am sure that will those tools in hand you'll reach your 10% next week.
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  2. Well done Jen! Wish I could get motivated again:-(

    Gorgeous photos of your grandies, sad at time life gets too busy to catch up.

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  4. The kids look great, and what a shame you don't see much of them.
    More effort needed?

  5. Oh and I'm sure you will get to your 10% next week... YOU ROCK. I on the other hand, suck. lol