Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Not much happening...

nom nom, I like yogourt

banana and watermelon

Mummy…I don't think I like watermelon

I am 10 months old now

Not much is happening in the world of Jen. Its work, work and more work….relief shifts are happening again while someone else goes on leave. But I need the $'s so its all good.
Tuesday was weigh in day….lost 400g so lost half of what I gained last week. Why is that its so easy to gain and yet so hard to lose? Think if I remember how hard it to lose weight I would remember not to do anything to gain???

Anyways…on to my most favourite subject at the moment….my sweet William. he turned 10 months old the other day. Pics are all I will have of him till Christmas and thats when he turns 1 year old. 


  1. It's tough Jen - but you just have to keep plugging away. I'm on fire at the moment - have been walking lots as you know and that fairly helps I think. Got my 5% a week ago and made 5kgs this week so going well. It's so much easier when you're feeling happy and positive and seeing results.

  2. All good Zanna, I am nearly at my 10% … so I just need to commit to it more than what I am doing…its hard but I plodding!!

  3. Well done Jen - 400g is 400g and a loss is a loss - good on you !!!
    Gosh William is growing so quickly - but then they do don't they.
    Have a great week and I hope that work doesn't get too much for you.