Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A little gain...

Tuesday again…and that means weigh in day.
Was hoping for a loss…but it was not to be…a 300gram gain.
I had prop-points left over for the week, did over my 12,000 steps everyday bar one day so guess it means I will have to work a little harder. I made Boston Beans with chorizo sausages for dinner for us last night…very very yummy, very high in pro points too…..mmmmm maybe I can blame that for my little gain..
Definitely going to make Boston Beans again, but think will make it with bacon instead, be a heap lower in points. 

Kylee, Garry and William are having the best time at the Gold Coast. Above are a few pics of them and my little man over there.  They have had a blast of a time at the the theme parks. And today they went to the Australian Zoo. Tomorrow is their last day there, they fly home Thursday. So looking forward to seeing them again before they have to head home.
Was hoping at Christmas time to go see them and of course celebrate Williams 1st birthday..but I was too late in requesting time off. I can get 4 days off…but its a days drive there and back so it will be too much. Kylee and Garry have requested time off, so lets hope they can get it and they can come down, Fingers crossed.
Early start in the morning so its off to bed for me..


  1. Hope they can get time off, so you can all enjoy a Christmas together, and 300grams is just a piddle :)

  2. Love the photos, William is growing like a weed. A gorgeous weed!