Sunday, October 19, 2014

A few bad days...

I saw this today and just had to take a deep breath and soldier on .
The weather has just been so miserable, its gone from beautiful cheery sunny days to cold, wet and miserable. The colder days have seen me go from yummy filling salads with fresh fish to slow cooked curries and lamb shanks with potato's…and bread. I just have had a couple of "bad" days where I have had binges…looking for food just for warmth and comfort. I was even thinking of not going to my weigh in on Tuesday knowing I haven't had a good week and could get a gain. BUT I will go and take it on the chin…because I HAVE NOT given up!!

And to keep me from going down the road to a 3rd bad day is this pic of my happy little man. Mummy moved the couch to clean and look Mummy I found a blue m & m ….thanks mummy it was yummy …...


  1. Nothing more cuter than baby photos.... and love the saying/poster at the top....

  2. That poster is rather cute. Maybe having a calendar beside my computer desk with happy/sad stickers would be fun!
    William is such a darling wee man.