Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Moving on...

This little fella was 9 months old a few days ago. On Sunday  they overnighted here and I got the pleasure of watching all his new achievements since I saw him last. He crawls and climbs and just loves checking himself out into every shiny little thing….like my stainless steel bin to my glass sliding door. I have lots of drool and dribble to clean up.
Mummy and Daddy have taken the little man on a holiday to the Gold Coast for 9 days….so I'll see him on their return before they head off back to their home and work….
They bought these gorgeous little ones down for the overnight visit too. Jaz and Alex turned 5 on the 22nd September. What cuties they are….and they love their little brother, spoil him rotten they do.

We went and picked up hubby's 89 year old mum and bought her out for dinner that night so she could see Kylee, Garry, Jaz, Alex and William. William just loved his great-nanna…and Mum thought he was just adorable. William seemed to realise that mum was frail and just sat on her and didn't jump up and down. It was just beautiful to watch.

Anyways…after my downer of a week last week, I managed to regroup and get myself on track. Weigh in today showed a 100g loss. My leader showed me a graph on her computer today when I told her how I was exasperated with how slow the weight was coming off. Its 5 months exactly since I rejoined weight watchers and in that time I have lost 8 kilo's. That roughly works out at 300grams loss a week. 
So, its just over 5 months to our cruise so if I can loose another 8 kilo's in that time I will sitting on my goal weight. How could is my leader? She sure bought a smile to my face…..soooooo its onwards and downwards...


  1. Love it - slow and steady wins the race - and helps the saggy wrinkly bits! lol. And you'll be in a much more positive frame of mind now which usually makes a huge difference to our motivation.

  2. William would make anyone smile, he's such a happy, bubbly looking baby boy!
    Well done on the loss... small losses all do add up!

  3. Well done on your losses - a great way to look at how they all add up.
    I hope we can put on some lovely weather while they are here !!!!
    Have the best day !
    Me xox