Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Look who is growing like a weed…
William has just turned 8 months and already he is climbing up on everything and standing up and pushing everything and anything around the house…
Thankfully Kylee sends pics/video's of every little achievement so I don't miss out on anything. Can't wait to see them all again. Hopefully at the end of this month, they are heading down and spending a few days with the twins before flying to the Gold Coast for a weeks holiday. If we don't see them then, will see them on their return.
Then it will be Christmas before we see them..and Christmas means William turns 1 year old. Unfortunately not knowing what we were doing for Christmas this year, I didn't ask for any time off. Few other people have so I now can't get time off other than the days I don't work. And it may mean I will have to do a few extra shifts. Luckily Kylee thinks she and Garry will be able to come down here…..fingers crossed they can.

Been having some beautiful weather here, some gorgeous spring days. All the wildflowers are coming out on our block

Heaps of orchids this year, even have found a few new ones, ones I have not seen before, can't wait for them to open up so I can take some pics.

Off to go start some dinner now, just finished a couple of loads of washing so my day off tomorrow can be exactly that…a day off.

Weigh in on Tuesday, a very pleasing 1 kilo loss…onwards and hopefully this week I can have another good loss. 

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  1. Wow ! he is growing so fast, he is such a beautiful looking baby!