Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Another stay the same….

I upped the exercise, I counted pro points honestly…was totally on track for 6 of 7 days and hopped on the scales at my meeting this morning….and darn it saw another stay the same.
I know I shouldn't be disappointed BUT I am!! Was ready to go buy a block of chocolate, or a big serve of fish and chips but what is that going to achieve but more disappointment next week. And I am not a quitter…I have to keep going. I didn't put this weight on overnight..so I guess I not going to lose it overnight either. Just feeling mighty frustrated that its its not coming off just a little quicker than what it is.
Patience Jen….just have to remember last weeks post and all those little bits add up to a lot.
So….onwards to next week. 

This little man always brings a smile to my face.
So happy Kylee keeps these pics coming, it feels as though we not missing out. He is 8 months old now…geeeee where has time gone. Little imp is pulling himself up on everything and standing on his feet….won't be long and he'll be up and running. 

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  1. You are lucky they do send you photos. We never get any from our son's ex of Sienna and Bodhi.
    Stay the same is better than a gain mate.