Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Little by little

Ashlee, Caitlin, Matthew with William.
 Our eldest Paul, his partner Tanya and their kids have been on holidays for the last 7 weeks, They left here and headed off to Central Australia, stopping at Ayres Rock, Alice Springs, katherine, Darwin and every other little place in between. They met up with Tanya's mum and her partner at Kununnura and travelled the Gibb River Road stopping and exploring the sights. It is a trip we did a few years back so know how much they have enjoyed it. The kids have had a blast.
The other day they stopped off for a few hours and spent time with Kylee and their little nephew/cousin.
Yesterday was weigh in day….and another loss for me. Only 200grams off but I'll take it. Was of course hoping for more,  but all those little bits add up to a lot. 
I think its just over 25 weeks before we head off on our cruise and if I lose 200g every week till then I will be very close to where I want to be.  
Onwards onto another week….


  1. Wow what a long holiday!
    Lucky people.
    As you say, little by little!

  2. All the little losses add up to a bigger loss..... Awesome you will be near goal when on the cruise. Have a great week :)