Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This week...

I am going to put 100% effort into having a healthier week. Even though I lost 100g this week I ate too much again, going over my allotted pro points every day…and my exercise was just what I did at work. I can and will do better. My excuse was all the extra hours I have been doing, yes it has made me tired, yes it has made my feet sore…but this week my hours are less and I have time to plan my menu a little more and add some extra exercise…a walk down to the estuary maybe, or even a walking dvd :-)

Its 6 months to our cruise and I so want to be at goal….won't get there if I keep on playing at losing weight. I know I have to live and enjoy a few "added extra's" occasionally but not every day. So its onwards to the next weigh in…and hopefully another loss.  Nearly 7 kilo's down now…


  1. What a great attitude Jen ! You can do it !!!
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  2. Love the picture, thats me still at the bottom step lol - will move up one soon - hope the weekend is going well :)

  3. I'm on the 'I'll try to do it' step.
    I wish I was on the I can do it one though.
    You lucky tart going on a cruise!