Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Had the best weekend…..

I had the best weekend. Had my niece drop around her little boy, then Garry's ex dropped around his twins so Garry and Kylee got to spend more time with them and have some one on one time with their baby brother.  
The kids all had a ball together and of course I got lots of time with William.
All I can say is roll on September when Kylee, Garry and William travel down again. 

Weigh in, 200 grams gone this week…and I must admit I am happy with that as it was a very hit and miss week as far as food and exercise went. 


  1. Got to love babies with dirty mouths - a;ways so cute. Congrats on the loss, and nice to see you enjoying the family :)

  2. There is nothing like visiting grandbabies to cheer you up!