Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Counting down to the weekend…...

 All the days are running into one another, its been shift after shift and I am tired. Tomorrow is a day off but I have housework to do, a specialist (gynaecologist) to go see, bills to pay for the mother in law…and fit in a visit to see her in hospital. She has been put in again for the ulcer on her leg. Its not healing, actually it has spread and mum is in so much pain and she in to see if we can get that sorted.  Its been test after test for her and we are getting nowhere with the system as it is. Mum is 89, lives on her own, but this ulcer has stopped her mobility so looking after herself has become hard. Unfortunately none of us daughters in laws can look after her full-time…so we are going to have organise full-time home care or respite when she gets the pain control sorted out for her.
I have a ton of housework to catch up on as well, poor house has been very neglected. My bathroom is a disgrace, dusting needs doing….and the list goes on. Hubby has been great, he keeps the kitchen clean, does the vacuuming and even some of the washing when needed.  I have visitors coming this weekend. I am babysitting my niece's little boy and girl on Saturday night, and that night I also have Kylee, Garry and William due down for a few nights as Garry as a visit to a specialist too. Garry has Guillain-Barre Syndrome and needs for treatment.
So looking forward to cuddling my wee little man, and spending time with my girl. A whole weekend home sounds wonderful.

Weigh in day today….very happy to report at long last a loss…700grams gone.  My leader has asked me to change my goal weight. Goal weight is 68 which I got to last time I got to goal 10 years ago, but she feels at my age I don't need to that thin, after chatting we have decided on a goal of 75. As she said I can always go down more from there and see where I am happy at. Even when I got to goal last time I sat around the 71 to 74k mark so I am happy with that. So I also have to see my GP next week to get a letter from him if my gyneo won't do it. Though thats not the reason I am seeing him for…a ongoing bladder problem needs to be sorted.  

These drinks have been my saviour, I have cut back on quick fix snacks, including chocolate…and these drinks for 1pp have helped. Made with water they are still very creamy and chocolately.  Anyways roll on next week…and hopefully another loss. 


  1. Well done on the loss !!!! Keep it up.
    Hope all is sorted with the specialist and your MIL's ulcer gets sorted out.
    Thinking of you and sending heaps of positive energy your way !
    Me xox

  2. A busy few days for you coming up, enjoy the family time, and hope the ulcer can get sorted sooner rather than later. Have a great weekend :)