Sunday, November 16, 2014

Challenging myself

100g's to go to get my 10% and what do I I? 
I stuff it up…by stuffing myself, thats what.
Had a few real bad days, and then couldn't get myself back on track….found excuses not too.  Why?? I don't know..there is a little devil in my mind that wants to indulge my appetite. Have it, go on its says…I have realised that I am back in a lifestyle and self confidence rut and taking some kind of solace in food.    Frustration much !!
Then we went to my nieces engagement party on last night and saw a pic of myself…OMG!!!
What a wake up call!! I saw what I really looked like, and it wasn't what I see in a mirror. Strange isn't it, I could see the weight I had lost and thought I was looking ok? Even though I have lost nearly 10k and quite a few centimetres I realise I have a long way to go before I am anywhere near what I want to look like again. Can kick myself for letting myself get like this again.
So I have given myself a 100 day challenge, a challenge to myself to do the best I can everyday, to be honest with myself, and to eat only what I need to eat.  Today is Day 1.
Tuesday is weigh in day…and yes I was going to weigh in so I knew what damage I have done to myself, but I have Fire Warden training at work that morning so will miss it.

Anyways will leave you with a few pics of the engagement party. 
Andrew and Serena.

Jim, Serena and Ted. Jim and my hubby Ted have been friends for 45 plus years. Serena is Ted's late brother's daughter. Was great to catch up with Jim and his wife Izzy.

The engagement cake which was designed by Serena's sister Mandy. 

The photo…me with hubbys brother Ben.


  1. Oh Jen - I hear you loud and clear - I had two days like that last week - I seemed to go out of my way to stuff it up BUT, like you, today is a new day.
    Love the photos and her dress is beautiful.
    Have the BEST week that you can !
    Me xox

  2. Chick ... ya don't look as bad as me!
    I love the dress your niece wore! Amazing style... LOVE IT.